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PuRE Underfloor Heating Systems

PRE Showroom Manifold DisplayPure Renewable Energy Ltd design and supply modern underfloor heating systems which compliment our renewable energy heating solutions to provide cost effective, comfortable and unobtrusive heating for both domestic and commercial properties.


The major benefits of the underfloor heating are:

  • High levels of comfort can be achieved because there are no cold spots or draughty floors.
  • It’s a very safe form of heating because there are no radiators to burn yourself or fall against, making it an ideal heating system for the young and infirm.
  • Higher standards of hygiene can be achieved because the heat created is radiant and not convected, therefore, no moving dust particles are propagated, unlike radiators, assisting people with breathing ailments.
  • There is access to all the wall and floor space because there are no radiators to get in the way.
  • Reduces energy consumption by using low water temperatures, thereby reducing environmental damage and energy costs.
  • It can be used with all types of floor covering (e.g., stone, tile, wood, vinyl, and carpet) and at ground level or upstairs, although choice of floor finishing requires careful consideration, because changes of floor finish may affect overall performance.
  • Compatible with any source of energy




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